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West Africa

Regional Expertise Centre (REC)

REC West Africa currently works in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Main contact: 

Hse No. 18, Okine Street, East Legon,
Accra, Ghana

+233(0) 302 522869

The majority of people living in West Africa are farmers. Cocoa, cotton and fruits are crops that thrive in the poor West African soils. But farmers often use outdated farming techniques and are weakly organized. As a result their yields are low and of poor quality; they struggle to get access to markets and to credit for improving their yields.

Aiming for a stronger market position

Solidaridad West Africa is a not-for-profit organization that supports the sustainable development of farmers and production systems in West Africa, through the enhancement of value chains of fresh and processed agricultural commodities and other non-agricultural commodities. Our activities in West Africa are focused on fresh fruits, oil palm, gold, cotton, maize, soy and cocoa. As the Regional Expertise Center (REC) within Solidaridad’s international network, we are part of a growing global movement advocating and supporting sustainable and responsible production and trade. Solidaridad trains produces in best practices to produce more with less. We provide capacity building to producer organizations and enable them to access knowledge, inputs, finance and markets. We develop and promote the integration of good economic, social and environmental management into standard business and production practices. Solidaridad’s regional office is based in Accra, Ghana.


If we have vacancies you will find these in our jobs section.


Research for gender equality

Solidaridad investigated the position of women on cocoa farms in Ghana. Suggestions for improvement are adopted by partners that conduct trainings.

Training cocoa farmers for UTZ certification

Solidaridad trained cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast to enable them to produce better quality beans and higher yields. In 2009 two cocoa cooperatives became UTZ CERTIFIED.

We offer


REC West Africa works on sustainable supply chains in close collaboration with Solidaridad's worldwide network of expertise centres and local partners. Together we deliver the following services:

To producers

  • Training farmers in farming techniques that have less negative impact on people and the environment and lead to better quality yields.
  • Assisting producer organizations to get access to markets.
  • Supporting agricultural producer organizations and industrial producer companies to qualify for social and environmental certification standards.

To companies

  • Supporting companies to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) related to sourcing in developing countries.
  • Supporting sustainable business initiatives with marketing and communication to inform business partners and consumers.


  • Developing certification standards for sustainable production.
  • Supporting civil society organizations that empower women, farmers or employees, as well as organizations that protect nature and bio diversity.
  • Seeking dialogue with stakeholders and the public using our knowledge, experience and views on sustainable economic development and corporate social responsibility.


<p>REC West Africa is proud to work with partners like:</p>


A fresh fruit company co-owned by farmers in Africa and Latin America

CARE Ghana

NGO that focuses on strengthening community-based organizations in Ghana.


One of the world's leading agricultural processors. Trader and grinder of cocoa beans.

Cocoa Abrabopa

An organisation of 15.000 cocoa producers in Ghana.


National Research Institute for cocoa in Ghana


A company that facilitates the export of mangoes from small producers in West Africa.


An international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations.